Boxing Day continued…Godfrey’​s place!

I have been promising to go to Godfrey’s home for a few years and this year with no school responsibilities I was determined to do so especially as he wanted me to meet his fiancé Esther and their little boy Adrin. Godfrey was one of Maria Maws children and was at the Kamuli Baptist Church on Sunday. The directions he gave us was taking us through very poor homesteads but then opened up to an area of similar housing but with a smart brick built house at the centre.

I was surprised at first as teachers are very badly paid in Uganda, but I shouldn’t have been as he had been brought up by Maria who had to watch every penny and taught those in her care to work hard and save and that is just what Godfrey has done. The main rooms of the house are almost complete and he will be continuing with the build when he goes back to school in February (no holiday pay here!). Slowly, slowly, brick by brick his house will be finished eventually.

He and his fiancé Esther have had their Introduction, the traditional part of the wedding in Uganda, as I had been to Eric’s Introduction on the 13th December. The legal part of the wedding comes later when the couple or their family can afford it. Ester has just qualified as a Midwife so with two salaries coming in they are planning on getting married when I am out here in February or March 2016. You never know, any of you who take the plunge and come out for the opening of St James may be able to attend the wedding too!

A table was already laid outside in the garden in the shade of a variety of beautiful trees. James was in his element and very excited to speak to Godfrey about the different species. Esther appeared with another relative, placing drinks on the table but saying nothing.

They came back a little later, delivered a full scale meal which was very unexpected, gave us the traditional welcome and then she sat a little away from the rest of us on a mat to eat her meal. 3 year old Adrin also greeted us, ate with his mum and then rushed off to play with his friends many of whom are relatives as this is Godfrey’s family homestead.

Godfrey has invited us back to Kamuli Baptist Church on the 4th as he wants to gather many of Maria’s OB’s and OG’s (old boys and girls!) together for what will be a wonderful reunion and most probably a lively service! I look forward to it!

Just before we left James was given a very handsome cockerel by Godfrey. I have a feeling poor Innocent, the name I gave to the cockerel given to me by Innocents mum, will be for the chop! This new gift joined Alex’s gift in the boot! Though they were kept well apart we could hear some ‘conversation’ going on between the two birds on our way back to St James!

Soon after we got back home I noticed Grace standing quietly outside my door with a package. I had given him some money inside a Christmas card earlier in the morning, when he had thanked me quietly but not exactly enthusiastically and I realised later he was just surprised and humbled by my gift. I invited him in and when I opened the package I found pineapple and two heart shaped lollipops! He had gone out and spent some of his hard earned money on me!

As I have said many times before, the people I have got to know here in the village, might not have much but what they do have they share! Humanity at its best!

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