2 – Tuesday 19th September – Banks, Babes and Bananas!

Most of yesterday was spent in Jinja town with Alex trying to cash my Moneygrams as I had few Ugandan Shillings left from my last visit. It is always slow and over complicated to do any transaction here in Uganda but yesterday was even worse as the systems in two of the banks had gone down and you’re only told of this after you have filled in the forms and waited in the queues for what seemed hours! Eventually I got the money and gave Paul, who had travelled with us, his school fees to pay this terms bill and money to buy his ‘requirements’ for the next ten weeks. His list ranges from shoes to washing soap and loo rolls – they have to provide many basic items. He went off to sort his shopping and Alex and I headed to the supermarket to buy my ‘essentials’ for the stay with Innocent – water (lots!), tea, rice, cooking oil, matches, loo rolls, soap x 2 one for my personal use the other for washing my clothes, curry powder, salt, sugar (for Innocent!!), etc. Alex got my Calor gas cylinder refilled so that I can at least boil water for tea without having to light a wood or charcoal fire!

Next on my list was the MTN mobile phone company as I had decided to try out a Wi-Fi modem to communicate with you all but needed to check out that it would work far away from Jinja town! Fingers crossed I have been advised right. The proof will be in the pudding – you will know I was wrong if you don’t hear from me once I get to Innocent’s place!

All day Alex was on the phone chasing Hannah’s luggage up that should have been delivered earlier in the morning. The man bringing it reported that he hadn’t left

Luggage delivery!

Kampala because he had a flat tyre, didn’t have a spare and, worrying of all had decided to bring the six cases (one’s still missing!) to Jinja by public transport! Any of you who know Africa and other third world countries will know that these vehicles are not the most reliable!! Eventually late in the afternoon Alex got a call saying the man was stood at the side of the road near to the Nile crossing with the cases! Hannah was relieved to see her belongings but still awaits the seventh bag!

Selah still continues to be wide awake and night and fast asleep during the day so we are all doing a little to help Hannah out. I’m doing the least but this morning I had her for a ‘shift’ and as the sun was shining but the heat hadn’t built up we sat outside watching Uncle Paul do his washing in preparation for the start of school tomorrow and got to know a very friendly cockerel who kept following as I walked Selah around!

Selah enjoyed being outside watching his Uncle Paul doing his washing!

The house cockerel kept Selah’s attention too as it scurried around us!

2 thoughts on “2 – Tuesday 19th September – Banks, Babes and Bananas!

  1. SPIBEY says:

    Jambo Gerry!
    So happy to read all is well with you and your Ugandian family. Thanks for the great pictures. I love the one with Alex holding his son, a smile from ear to ear. He hadn’t realised what had hit him yet!!!… I am also pleased to read that Paul is getting sorted out for his next term.

    Here, all is well. Norman came across this morning to give us some vouchers from Waitrose (thank you!) and he looks well and happy with himself. Is it … “When the cat’s away… the mouse will play!!” The temperature is dropping fast. Enjoy the African warmth!
    Take care.
    Annick, David and… Gonzo


    • Gerry says:

      Lovely to hear from you Annick. Im taking Paul back to school today then on to Innocents. Paul’s school trousers had a hole and a tear in them so yesterday he took a boda boda into town to get them mended by one of the ladies that sit on the street with their sewing machines!

      I expect Norman is enjoying the peace and quiet too!! He’s communucating with me more now that he is on FB Messenger which is nice. Im on Hannah and Alex’s Wifi at the moment but have brought myself a modem and hoping it will work in Innocents village!

      Love to you, Dave and Gonzo ‘woof woof’! I googled a photo of a pug as Paul had no idea such a dog existed! x

      Please could you confirm to me that you received this reply on your email as I am still not sure how it all works!


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