Dear friends work has started on the building of the latrines and classrooms for Good Luck Junior School in Uganda 🇺🇬. As soon as I sent out the money you donated, (only 6 days ago!), Innocent, my project manager, started looking around for all the necessary materials. All would be sourced as locally as possible. No B&Q nearby!

Innocent hired a truck & driver and searched out wooden poles for the frames. Then, a tree for sale only 1km from the school, was sliced into suitable size timber for the classroom sides. The sand was from Lake Victoria, 30km from site and some from the swamps a bit nearer. Bricks for the latrines would have been made from clay mud dug, shaped and fired locally too, in the traditional way, providing a family with much needed income. Often the stones are broken up by children as young as five to earn money for food, medicine or school. In fact the young people we now support in school and uni used to do just that. One of my lasting memories is of Bosco sat on the ground outside his little home breaking stones to help his family. Bosco is now a nurse!

And yesterday Innocent messaged me with photos of the foundation for the pit latrines completed and left to dry before the concrete slab is laid in top. Your donations are certainly put to work without delay!

More news soon! Thank you 😊 again for your help.

The shirt Innocent is wearing used to be my husband Normans! I took it out last year and Innocent liked it so much he often wore it to church on Sundays!

Click on the link below to view video

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