Your opinion pleasešŸ˜Šabout another way to raise funds!

Dear friends
Iā€™ve had an idea and I would like your opinion on it please. Today was my friend Helenā€™s birthday and last year I got Innocent to take a photo and video of the children at Good Luck Junior School wishing her a happy 50th which Iā€™m sure she would have enjoyed receiving. The previous year Innocent had sent me the same wishing me a happy 70th which I loved!
Also in the past Iā€™ve had several people who donā€™t know what to give their friends or relatives on birthdays, anniversaries or at Christmas so have donated towards whatever we are working on at the time and asked if I can I send a greeting explaining their ā€˜alternativeā€™ birthday gift. And of course weā€™ve had the mosquito nets and desks sponsored as an alternative gift too which raised precious funds.
Please look at the video and photos and tell me if you think it could be a good idea. Innocent says he is very willing to do the job for us.
Looking forward to hearing from you x


2 thoughts on “Your opinion pleasešŸ˜Šabout another way to raise funds!

    • Gerry says:

      Not thought of that Jean! Always difficult but I imagine a video raising more than a photo. Recently a friend wanted to donate on behalf of her uncles birthday and she donated Ā£30. I just sent a message to him wishing him a happy 80th and explaining what his alternative gift was with a few photos. Apparently he was thrilled to receive it! People are so generous usually but if they asked me I might have to make a ā€˜suggested donationā€™ . What do you think? Innocent has to travel to the school and buy card etc though I think there is still some in my trunk out there if the rats šŸ€ havenā€™t got in!! šŸ¤£


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