Best Selfie ever! Amazing Gem in Holland!

Best ‘selfie’ ever! Keep it up Gem – your smile IS spreading! Family, friends, countrymen(!) lend me you ears, your eyes and your hearts to view Gems website and show your support if you are at all impressed with her amazing dedication and love for those at St James Junior School in Uganda who desperately need our help. It is so easy to donate on her website so please do! Help her raise the money towards the completion of Joy Clinic which will provide medical help to all my lovely friends in Nakakabala. Thank you!

AMAZING GEM sets off on her challenge to ride To BERLIN & BACK By BIKE

This morning, as you can see by the attached photo, I saw Geminy Maw, 26 years old and from Macclesfield, off from Stockport Station where she is travelling to Peterborough to practise some ‘wild camping’ with her friend Leslie before heading to the ferry on Saturday to start her solo bike ride to Berlin & Back to raise money to complete Joy Clinic for St James Junior School and the community of Nakakabala in Uganda!

I still can’t quite believe she has gone to do such an amazing challenge and feel quite responsible for her, though there was no way I could have stopped her going, I did try! Gem has got the spirit, determination and resolution of her late grandmother Maria Maw, so all I could do was help her on her with her praparation, wave her good bye and get her adequate insurance cover!

I recently wrote this message on Facebook: ‘Gem is one very special young lady who has a big heart for helping others in particular those at St James in Uganda. Through    her many fund raising schemes including a sponsored swim, selling    the beautiful jewellery she makes, organising fun events in New Zealand and just being someone people want to listen to, Gem has    already helped to provide a water harvester and, as she was working towards raising funds for a    borehole, so impressed her boss, that he offered the balance needed!    Please enjoy following this latest challenge to ride solo to Berlin    and back on a bike and sponsor her if you are able. You can donate    on line or through me. An ENORMOUS THANK YOU from Gem, me and all    those children and their families who will benefit from Joy Clinic!’

I would really love to get her as much sponsorship as I can to make all her efforts worthwhile, so please could you share the story with your family, friends, neighbours and colleagues about Gem’s ride and the reason for it and see if anyone would be interested in sponsoring her please? I know it is only recenlty that many of you sponsored my Swimathon so this is a big ask, but it would be wonderful if you could find your way to ‘reward’ Gem and sponsor her too if you possibly can!

Please take a look at her blog: in particular her Home page which explains what she is doing and there is a link to the website that is being created for me too!
Attached is information about the progress of the clinic so far and photos including one of me with my certificate for the Swimathon and in the You Tube video the two young men digging the foundations are Grace and Norman who were among the first pupils at St James. They are now at secondary school and to earn money to pay their fees they do work for us.

THANK YOU for reading this!

Hope to hear from you soon.