Thank you and update on James and the school

Thank you to those of you who have contributed to James’ medical care. Earlier this week I sent out £300 which was a donation from my family and others like yourselves. It’s a great idea to cover the cost of one or two days treatment as some of you have done. I’m hoping that more help comes forward as people read my appeal which was as follows:- As  I reported to you in my last update James, head teacher of St James Junior School, was very sick with Malaria as well as suffering from a bad chest infection. With his family’s help he recovered from the Malaria, went back to work but then became very sick again and was taken to hospital where he and his family were told he had a ‘neuro’ problem. Unfortunately with his immune system being very weak James has contracted Toxoplasmosis which is an infection caused by a parasite. The only treatment for this infection is very expensive and there is no free medical assistance in Uganda. The family are trying their best to finance his prescription but with it costing £28 per day for six weeks, they really need our help. If you could possibly make a donation towards James’ medical bill it would be much appreciated. Thanks you so much. x

As for St James the school is still open but with reduced numbers. Because of the lack of latrines,  after a big tree demolished the school latrine block in a big storm, James took in less children this year which as it turns out was a blessing.

As you can imagine it’s all very worrying, especially James’ health but other than helping his family with the medicine he needs and keeping them all in our thoughts and prayers there is no more we can do. At the moment he is extremely weak but we are all hoping he will show signs of improvement soon as the drugs take affect. I will keep you updated as I receive news.

Thanks again for your support, your prayers and thoughtfulness.