Fund Raising Ideas

Alternative Gifts – a gift that makes a difference!

Wondering what to buy your friends and relatives for their birthday or for Christmas? How about sponsoring a goat, pig or a chicken, or even a cow for St James Junior School and Orphan Care, in Uganda!

Animal projects are important to the development of the school. When the animals produce young they can be sold to raise money making it more and more self-sufficient which is our ultimate aim. Already several offspring of the original ten goats bought have been exchanged for six cows! James explained to me that owning cows is the equivalent of having money in the bank! The poultry project both chickens and turkeys are fattened up for sale too, though the turkeys are proving to be a challenge as they keep wondering off! The chicken eggs are given to the orphans as a regular source of protein, and any surplus sold or exchanged for some of the many necessities such as food and medical treatment for the children.

OR Sponsor a desk so that every child at St James can sit comfortably in their lessons just like our children do.

Chicken – £5.00 each

Piglet – £14.00 each

Goat – £17.00 each

Cow – £100.00

Desk – £20 and you can have the name of the recipient painted on it!

In exchange for your sponsorship you will receive a certificate, and a personalised photo of your sponsored animal will follow when I am out in Uganda or as soon as I can arrange it. If your certificate needs posting I would be grateful if you would add the cost of postage to your donation. Please email me at

1 – Your name email address.

2 – If you would like a gift certificate for the receiver of this special gift, please add their details too.

3 – The name and/or greeting to appear on certificate.

4 – Name to be painted on desk

5 – Postal Address of receiver of certificate

Thank you for your support

Gerry Hambridge and all at St James

Sierra Exif JPEG

The first desks arriving at St James


Sierra Exif JPEG

Some of the desks that you have sponsored enabling the children at St James to sit in comfort for their lessons








Gerry the goat. Named as it was born the day I arrived in Uganda! You can sponsor an animal too and I will email you a personalised photo of it!