Update on Uganda and Good Luck Junior School

Update on Uganda 🇺🇬 and Good Luck Junior School.
Dear Friends
Life in Uganda is getting increasingly harder for those who have very little in the first place. The cost of food, household items, such has soap, matches and charcoal, and transport are increasing week by week. We know how bad it is getting here so we can only imagine how hard it is for the people i know there. This years long drought has caused much hardship. People are having to use the beans and other dry subsistence crops they kept in stock to pay for medicals, schooling and other expenses to feed there families now while their new crops are growing. The only thing we can do is to stick with them through the next months or more likely years to help in anyway we can.
The schools have just returned after their holiday and I’m pleased to say that 8 more children have registered at Good Luck Junior School making a total of 106 pupils. All the teachers returned too and Innocent told me ‘Today I met ibra physically and told him the good news of another three month while you are helping with teachers salary. I then saw a smiling and thankful face on him. He indeed appreciated that offer and said thank you . He promised to make the best use of that chance.’
During the school break headteacher Ibra and his wife, who is one of the teachers, have built a temporary kitchen to give shade and shelter to the cook who provides a meal for all the children, possibly the only one they get daily.
Innocent sent me class results from last term. I thought some of the teachers amongst you will be interested. The photos are of Primary 1 and Primary 5. The school should really take children up to primary 7 when they would progress to secondary school at 14 but the school needs two more classrooms. Maybe one day!
The school has decided to give the staff a uniform, Innocent tells me, for a two reasons. Firstly one is to advertise the school and the other reason is for easy identification of staff members by parents, within and outside the school. It makes me smile that Innocent also has the uniform! I suppose he does play a big part in organising the school and, of course, communicating with us.
Very smart! Great to see the new classrooms in the background. The little boy is Ibrahim’s son.
Ibrahim has written this letter to us. I know he only mentions me but he knows that without the wonderful support I get from you, none of the help the school has received for the buildings, towards the salaries and the pig project, will have been possible. So a very big THANK YOU from me, from the staff at Good Luck Junior School and of course the children. Without you they would not have a school!
I hope you all have a wonderful weekend celebrating the Queen’s Platinum’s Jubilee.
Love and appreciation to you all.