Good news! We’re well over half way there!

Dear friends my Sponsor A Desk appeal has raised funds for 30 of the 42 desks plus the six blackboards needed to furnish the six new classrooms at Good Luck Junior School in Uganda. I’ve not mentioned the blackboards previously but a donation of £10 is needed for each please. The few blackboard the school has always are not in a good condition.

Thank you so much to those of you who donated money for desks either as a straight donation or by giving me the pleasure of looking after your dogs, cats, houses and plants! Four children will be sitting comfortably at each desk when they return to school after Uganda’s latest lockdown. What a wonderful surprise that will be for them!

Once I sent your donations out to Innocent he searched out a suitable tree then had it chopped down, taken to the sawmill where it was prepared into timber for making the desks. A few of the desks were made at the workshop then it was decided it would be more cost effective to have the remainder taken to the school where John the carpenter guided Nico on how to build the desks. (You can read the story of how we are helping deaf and uneducated Nico in the previous post). And as you see by the photos below, it’s all happened, very swiftly!

We are still short of donations for the last 12 desks (£20 each) and a blackboard for each of the six classrooms (£10). If you would like to donate towards a desk or blackboard, please get in touch.

Don’t forget you can dedicate your desk as an alternative gift for someone’s birthday, anniversary or Christmas, or have your favourite saying painted on it as long as it’s short and appropriate. Ideas so far have been Education Matters, Keep on going, Shine like a star,

Every expert was once a beginner. Kindness is power.

The children at Good Luck Junior School will certainly enjoy reading them!

Thank you once again for your amazing interest and support over the years. I do, so appreciate all the help for my projects in Uganda 🇺🇬. Hope to hear from you again soon.

Gerry X

Thanks to Innocent for working tirelessly for my projects in Uganda including sending updates , photos and videos. 😊

Nico and John at the sawmill watching the tree being cut into timber for the desks
These desks were made at John’s workshop in Kamuli town then transported to the school but the remainder were made in one of the new classrooms at Good Luck JS.
Nico is working on the left of the picture
He has learnt so many skills since we started sponsoring him. I do hope it helps him find employment
Nico certainly worked very hard building and now staining the desks. Just your dedications or sayings needed to go on these desks now. Thanks again x