Happy Birthday Gerry Mukisa! I met you nine years ago when your lovely mum Kevin and dad Patrick told me they had named you after me. I was and am so honoured. You are a beautiful loving girl and I have enjoyed watching you grow over the years. Love and hugs to you on your special day and to the rest of your family. X See you again next year! X

One hundred mosquito nets and counting!!!!

As promised in the next posts I will continue to catch up with my news that I was unable to post on here when I was in Uganda. As you know since being back I have been concentrating on trying to ‘sell’ the items I brought back, in exchange for mosquito nets and it has been quite successfull but there is still plenty left so please look back if you fancy some Christmas shopping!

VERY GOOD NEWS! I have also had many more outright donations for mosquito nets and have decided to send the money for 100 nets out to my good and trustworthy friend Godfrey Mwase to deliver on my behalf so that families can be protected against Malaria as soon as possible, rather than wait until I return to Uganda in June or July. THANK YOU SO SO MUCH! I will of course be fund raising for more nets between now and then too! SO those of you who have donated nets since my return from Uganda must feel happy that you are giving someone a LIFE SAVING CHRISTMAS PRESENT! WONDERFUL! I will keep you updated when I hear from Godfrey. As you see from the photo Godfrey has already bought the nets!

For those of you who have just joined the website please have a browes back beyond where I started advertising the Uganda crafts so that you get an idea of the start of my recent visit, posts 1-13, then over the next few weeks will bring you right up to date.

Be back soon with Post 14 of my wonderful visit to Uganda.



My homemade ‘Happy’ Uganda Christmas cards in exchange for a mosquito net!

I try to think of different ways of raising money for my projects in Uganda and a few years ago I took out santa hats and let the children play with them. They had no idea what the hats represented but had great fun trying them on! The result is the photos I used on these cards   and I love them! I hope you like them too and will buy a pack or two in exchange for helping to buy mosquito nets. They cost me very little to produce just a lot of folding, trimming and gluing, so every penny of what you donate will go to purchase more mosquito nets. A great improvement on the little you get by buying the usual ‘charity’ cards! My suggested donation for a pack of ten is £4 but offer what you wish. There are two mixed packs available.

You might have already brought cards for this Christmas but please take some of these and keep them in stock then your donation can go straight to buying mosquito nets which are so needed. This will be the last year I make these particular cards.

Thank you in anticipation!

Pack A – click on the photo to see it in full.

A mosquito net is not just for Christmas!

More ideas for Christmas gifts to raise money for mosquito nets!

Dear friends, since my last post more mosquito nets have been funded by friends who have donated for cfraft items from Uganda or sponsored for nets outright, like John who came up to me in Poynton this morning and just gave me £20! I happen to be on my way to the Vernon Bulding Society with other donatons so his gift was immediately added to the account. Amazing! John would like a photo of the family his nets are delivered to, on behalf of his children Alex and Katie.

We are now up to 89  nets and several more are promised by lovely people reserving some of the crafts I have been advertising online. Only one basket left now! I do believe we will easily reach 100 nets before Christmas!! Wow, what a lot of people are going to be protected from the misery of Malaria. Thank you so so much!

Please have a look at the crafts below and see if there is something you would like to ‘buy’ in exchange for a mosquito net! Still more to come, just busy taking photos! Click on the photos for more information. Remember that the marked ‘prices’ are only suggested donations, just pay give what you wish!

Banana Fibre mobile depicting people at work in Uganda £6