Gem is home!

Dear Friends Gem is home!
Just over a week ago Gem arrived back in the UK still a bit bruised from a couple of mishaps but with her usual big smile! She had ridden all the way to Berlin and Back on her own! She rode over 1,400 miles to raise awareness and much needed funds to provide basic health care for the children and the community in and around St James Junior School in Nakakabla, Uganda.
Gem who turned 27 during her bike ride, certainly did as she intended and ‘spread the smiles across the miles’ but unfortunately she was unable to raise the money she hoped to do, to continue the building work of Joy Clinic, a first point medical centre and midwifery unit at St James. Many people promised to donate but then failed to do so. Gem is so disappointed in herself because of this. I have assured her that she should be incredibly proud of what she has done and is still doing for people she has not even met! To cheer her up a little I reminded her of all she has done in recent years, the most amazing being to provide a borehole for all those children who used to have to walk a long way for a drink! I know as I went with them! The pure, clean water available to all those lovely children IS the result of Gem and her infectious smile and personality. It would have taken me years and years to do what she has already done!
Gem will always have Uganda in her heart just as her grandmother Maria Maw did and she will go on working hard to help the people who have become familiar to her through my newsletters and photos. I am writing to ask you to please, please, please think about donating to Gem’s wonderful achievement to show her how much her hard work and dedication she is appreciated. The world needs young people like Gem!
Please let me know if you do a bank transfer so that I can check and confirm that it arrives safely and chase it up if necessary
To donate money within the UK:
1 – In cash

2 – By cheque made out to BRICK BY BRICK FOR ST JAMES

3 – By Bank Transfer within the UK – must use all three sets of numbers for successful transfer!

Account no: 10920320

Sort Code: 20-55-34

Reference: 0505003578

4 – By Bank Transfer from abroad:
IBAN: GB16BARC20553410920320
Account Number: 10920320
Sort Code: 20-55-34
Reference Number: 0505003578
Thank you in anticipation from me, Gem and all those people your kindness will be helping!

Love to you all!