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Uganda, never far from my mind.

Dear Friends, As I’m sure you guessed, the photo of me drumming in a previous post was taken in Uganda. It was this time last year, 2020, when, shortly after seeing in the New Year on the banks of the River Nile, I travelled inland and spent the remainder of my month-long stay delivering the mosquito nets that many of you had made donations towards. I know that between us we have saved so much suffering and many deaths from giving this simple gift. Along with delivering many packs of reusable sanitary pads, we made life just a little better for those who have no way of providing these items for themselves and their families. Unfortunately, because of Covid, I won’t be going to Uganda as I usually do in February, and it could be the end of the year or even early 2022 before we see the end of the pandemic and I am able to venture over there again, but the people in Uganda are never far from my mind. Thank you again for sticking with me year after year. I couldn’t do what I do without your love and support. Thank you to those of you who donated to my projects over Christmas 🤗🤗

This young couple were very happy with their lifesaving gift.
Thank you Liz
Some children did not get a mosquito net but were eager to be in the photo. Hopefully they will get one next time.
Paul, on the right, helped me deliver many of the nets. Paul is one of our sponsored students and he is now back at uni studying Clinical Medicine and Community Health. One day he will be a great asset to the community in Uganda.
I often received gifts when I delivered mosquito nets. I had given nets to this lady and her family and the following day she found me delivering to others and bought me bananas, savoury matoki and sweet. Delicious!
We’re helping them to keep safe from the Malarian mosquito!
Thank you Kobe! Kobe’s family have been helping children in Uganda since I first met him at Vernon Junior School, Poynton.
It’s really easy to sponsor a net or two x and they make great alternative gifts!
Gifts of reusable sanitary pads, made by a ladies group in Uganda, were a real bonus as many do not have sanitary ware at all!
The smile says it all!
Local children are always delighted to receive toys. They don’t have any toys and are always fascinated by their gifts!
Thank you to the children here in Poynton who donated these small gifts. The children in Uganda will treasure them!
Often children run out to greet me. I can’t get enough of their beautiful smiles. Rarely do they ask for anything in return.
The two oldest in the community got nets too as they are at greater risk to serious sickness of they get malaria.
This whole village community received nets
One day I hope they well get the gift of a mosquito nets
I feel very honoured to be able to give the mosquito nets out on your behalf. I enjoy my ‘job’!
Beautiful ☺️😊 Smiles are my reward!

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to you and your family. We are now in our third national lockdown and I’m hoping that it will be ‘third time lucky’ for us! I hope that you and your family will not find the forced ‘isolation’ too difficult and that you keep safe to welcome in the spring. The good news from my garden this week is that the snowdrops are just showing their snowy heads! Love to you all. 🤗

Happy Christmas

I hope you have all managed to have a lovely Christmas in this strange Covid year. Hoping things will improve in the not too distant future and we will return to a new normality.
Thank you for all the support you have given me this year. I will be in touch again soon.
Love to you all.


Alex was ‘adopted’ by my friend and Project Manager Innocent two years ago. Alex’s father abandoned his family due to his mental health issues and his mother didn’t have the money to feed her family and pay school fees for her children. Innocent, who appreciates all the help he has had from my friends and family over the years, felt he wanted to ‘give something back’ by helping young Alex and welcoming him into his family which he has done wholeheartedly even though life is a continual struggle for him.

Alex has been a great help to Innocent and his wife Betty since he arrived, doing jobs around the home compound, collecting water from the borehole, looking after the pigs, digging in the ‘garden’, and being big brother to young Norman while there has been no school. Actually he had only just started at secondary school when Covid struck! Alex struggled with all subjects because he didn’t understand English so we got Innocent to hire a teacher to give him lessons in preparation for his return to school as soon as schools open so we hope he will find learning easier now. At the moment Alex says he wants to be a car mechanic and he’s been gaining experience at the local car repair shop. Innocent says he is enjoying his work experience a lot but has reminded him that he must go back to school and pass his exams if he wants to go to college which is his aim. Hopefully schools will open in February. Through me telling Alex’s story, I am pleased to say that another wonderful donor came forward to help us help him with his education. I’m so grateful. x