Dear friends, as you read in my recent birthday post, after having a wonderful garden celebration with my family and friends, I was also thrilled to be able to declare my 70th birthday appeal to build latrines for Good Luck Junior School in Uganda, a 💯% success. The full £700 was raised!

Amazingly, donations continued to arrive in the days that followed and I am extremely excited to report that,

in fact, I have now received double what I was hoping for! I am so, so grateful to everyone who has been so kind and generous. THANK YOU 😊!

In practical terms this means that not only can we build the latrines, buy the boar for the lonely sow 🤣 and a few desks so the children have somewhere comfortable to sit to have their lessons, but also we are able to finance the building of another block of three classrooms like the one Poynton Rotary Club donated last year! I can hardly believe it and can’t wait to tell my project manager Innocent, so he can give the good news to the head teacher Ibrahim and the teachers, who have been trying to do their job in such difficult circumstances, and having more space for the children will make such a big difference.

Dear friends, it seems that every time I ask for assistance with a project in Uganda, enough of you come up with the money I need to finance it! You are WONDERFUL!


This support just inspires me to go on doing what I’ve been doing for almost 20 years, giving people there a little bit of much needed help, enjoying my involvement and loving my annual visits!Thank you so much! I can’t wait to get back to Uganda!

I’ll be back soon to give you a progress report!🤗

(To those of you who are new to my involvement in Uganda I want to mention that my trips to Uganda are completely self-financed. Every penny you donate goes to the projects.)

A few photos from my 70th birthday. A day of fun and wonderful surprises. I feel so lucky!

I’ve not learnt how to add the captions underneath the photos, sorry!!

A family meal at the Farmers – Nicola & Sara had got the day off work so a wonderful surprise. I had an interesting walk home with my enormous balloons!

I had lots lovely gifts.

I love pigs! I requested a real one for my birthday but I will just have to chat to this one!! 🤣

More special visitors, my Ugandan friend Moureen and her lovely family. Jeremy ‘ helped’ me with my turn at Scrabble!! He also delighted in seeing the cake, he loves cake!!

Sara made my birthday cake and what a beautiful cake it was! A lemon drizzle with a lot of special ingredients. It was delicious 😋!

A special warm and windproof changing robe. An ideal gift for the start of my ‘wild swimming’ season next month! No more hyperthermia!!

Ok, 70 yesterday but back to 69 today to look forward to my 70th next year when you can all come to my party, hopefully!!

We did it!!! Good Luck Junior School is getting the latrines!

After 14+ hours of family fun and surprises under the beautiful April sunshine I have some Wonderful! Fantastic! Amazing news to complete my 70th birthday celebrations! WE HAVE MADE IT!!!You have helped me raise £700 to build replacement latrines for Good Luck Junior School in Uganda 🇺🇬! Thank you, thank you, thank you! There are a few more donations due so hopefully I will also be able to buy the boar 🐗 for the lonely sow 🐖 so the school can start producing piglets to sell and raise much needed cash, and even buy a few desks for the new classrooms, built last year with the help of Poynton Rotary Club. I’m so looking forward to telling my friend and Project Manager Innocent, so he can pass on the good news and then get the building work started.

Thanks again for your support. I could never do what I do without your help.

One of my special birthday gifts was a presentation put together by our daughter Sara, of video messages she had got from some of my Ugandan friends including one of Good Luck Junior singing happy birthday who are going to be so pleased and grateful for your gift!

Love to you all 🤗

Update on latrines for Good Luck Junior School in Uganda

Dear Friends
Yesterday, after confirming donations in Gerry’s Ugandan Projects at the building society and adding them to the cheques and cash I have received over the last three weeks, I’m now quietly confident that I will reach my goal by my 70th, next Thursday. I’m so pleased! I’m only £130 short and still have a few donations promised, so fingers crossed, Good Luck Junior School might get their new, desperately needed, latrines!
Thank you to all of your amazing support. Love and hugs to you all 🤗


Good news from 🇺🇬! Two of the young people we have supported in Uganda, Mike and Bosco, who are now working in hospitals one a nurse and one a deep cleaner, have just had the first dose of their Covid vaccinations! So pleased for them. There has been a lot of doubt spread around about the vaccinations as you might expect, so I’m very proud of them both! I hope others follow by their example.
They received the Astrazeneca which I think is the only vaccination suitable for hot third-world nations as you only need a fridge for storage. And I been it is being developed without profit! Of course, the sooner everyone gets their vaccinations the sooner I can return to Uganda! 😊