Mosquito Nets for Uganda – New Beginnings, New Name, New Projects!

Dear Friends, I am returning to Uganda very soon with fresh enthusiasm for new projects that I know will come my way! While I search out where and what I would like to put my time and energy into I have decided to get back to basics, very important basics! I would like to provide MOSQUITO NETS for those who cannot afford to buy one for themselves.

MALARIA is still the biggest killer of young children and pregnant women in Uganda. Many parents don’t even name their children until they reach the age of 5 years! A gift of one large mosquito net often protects several children, sometimes even a whole family as they share a bed or sleeping mat, therefore saving them from being bitten, suffering the horrible sickness and undoubtedly saving many of their lives!

A beautiful smile to say thank you for the best of gifts!

I have already set things in motion by placing an order for some nets which I will take delivery of as soon as I arrive in Uganda. Also I have trustworthy people on the ground doing research in several villages to find out those who are without a net so that once I arrive I will start delivering those that have already been funded.

So my challenge for Uganda this year is to raise funds to provide mosquito nets for as many children and their families as possible. PLEASE WILL YOU HELP ME?

A donation of only £5 will buy a net, but you can buy more than one! They are good quality treated nets that will offer the protection needed against the mosquitoes. I will be delivering them personally so if you wish to receive an emailed photo of your gift/s with the lucky recipient then please let me know. Thank you in advance for this life saving gift!

Please refer to my newsletter of 20th May which explains my move from St James to ‘new beginnings’!

As we have finished supporting St James the name of our Building Society Charity Account is now Gerry’s Uganda Projects, though with the same account numbers. I have also changed the website heading to Gerry’s Uganda Projects though the address is still as it would cost too much to change it.

Thanks for all the support you have given me over the last fifteen years during which I have enjoyed my work (and play!) in Uganda.

Hoping to hear from you as soon as possilbe!

Love  Gerry

Change of challenge, change of name!

Dear Friends

It’s been a while since I spoke to you but lots of thinking and planning has been going on inside my head!  As you see my website heading is now ‘Gerry’s Uganda Projects’, changed from Brick by Brick for St James as we have now completed our work building the school and moving on to other projects in Uganda.  Though the address is still the same as I think it would cost too much to change! The account details for donations stays the same too except for the name which is now ‘Gerry’s Uganda Projects’ so any cheques should be made out accordinly please.

I will be contacting you soon with news about my next visit to Uganda and what my latest challenge is to be. I hope you will go on showing an interest and support as you have done over the years.

Many children still need our help x

Be back very soon!

Love Gerry