Update on Moses! Very good news!

Dear Friends I apologise for the big gap between my blogs! I’m back now!

Remember me telling you the story of Moses the elderly disabled man who was discovered living in a terrible state when my friends Godfrey and his son Amasa were delivering mosquito nets before Christmas last year? Moses, previously a fit man who had a small income, had been attacked while he was on his way home from the local trading centre. The thugs stole the little money he had and his shopping, beat him up and left him for dead! The beating was so brutal he could only crawl back to his home as there was no-one to help him. He was left paralysed with mental health issues (dementia) and unable to look after himself with had no relatives nearby to help him. No one else would help him either as they believed his mental state meant he had been infected with evil spirits, still a cultural belief!

His home was in a dangerous state, tumble down and missing roof panels left little shelter from the rain or scorching sun. He had no bed or mattress and only one set of very old clothes reeking, due to his incontinence. Dear Amasa actually went home and got his own mattress and clothes and took them back to Moses!

Godfrey and Amasa were so shocked and upset about Moses that they got in touch with me immediately.

They tracked down relatives of Moses and informed them about his situation. One of these was his brother Charles who was shocked by what he was told and felt Moses needed to be near him and his family where he could get assistance rather than stay hidden in the sugar cane plantation as he was when he was found.

Of course I straight away went into action to raise the money needed to move Moses and provide him with a simple new home. I was very grateful but not surprised when many of you immediately donated towards buying the building materials and it wasn’t long before things started moving in Uganda. Unfortunately, the prolonged rainy season delayed the completion of the house but the good news is that Moses is now happily settled in his little home with family nearby and Godfrey and Amasa took me to visit him in July. 

He seems happy and physically much healthier now but I imagine his behaviour, due to the dementia, is a challenge for the family as he seems to have a strength that defies the condition he was found in only six months before my visit! He actually fought me trying to get in the car!

The photos tell the story better than I can! Click on first one for slide show. The video is taken at the site where Moses used to live surrounded by sugarcane with no neighbours, and shows a few of the bricks left behind. I can’t imagine just how lonely and scared Moses must have been. Thank goodness he will now have a happier and more comfortable life. Thank YOU too for the support you offered, making this happen!

Are you still receiving me? Please read and reply. Thank you.

Dear family and friends

Its been a while since I have written a blog on here firstly my laptop wasn’t working and then just that time flies! When I came on this morning to send you news I found that your names and email addresses had disappeared off the ‘user’ list! Now it could be that your details are just hiding somewhere and I cannot find them, and this is my hope but to confirm could you please just drop me a line to say hi so that I know you are still receiving me.

Thank you x