TODAY! I’m at St Paul’s Catholic Primary School Poynton – raising funds for Uganda

Sorry I won’t be going to the summer fair after all!

Dear Friends

Yesterday I spent a very happy time with all the children and teachers at St Pauls bringing them up-to-date with St James and sharing with them my ‘New Beginnings’ in Uganda. I always love going to St Paul’s as the children are so interested and caring of others. Today I am there again taking part in their Summer Fair 3-6 pm, so please if you have a few minutes to spare pop in and say hi to me and browes all the lovely stalls as well as my Uganda stall where I am raising money for new projects in Uganda including purchasing as many mosquito nets as I can next time I visit. Malaria is still the biggest killer of young children in Uganda and the gift of a net can prevent suffering of this awful disease and ultimately save lives. Look forward to seeing you if you can make it. Love and thanks to you all. x

A beautiful smile to say thank you for the best of gifts!