Uganda here I come!

It’s that time of year again! My cases are packed and overflowing with donations for young and old in Uganda! Thank you Brussels Airlines! I enjoyed my ‘last supper’ at Ciao with five special friends last night and today went on our regular short walk up into Lyme Park and back to the canal. The skylarks were very active and the fields of wild flowers were beautiful, attracting numerous butterflies and bees.
I had fancied keeping going up to Bow Stones but lunch at the Boars Head beckoned and of course a pint, 🍺 though it never tastes as good as the Nile Beer I hope to have on Friday if my trusted friend Alex remembers!
I’ll be up and out by 3am (two alarms set!) on the start of my journey to Uganda looking forward to the wedding celebration beside the Nike, of Alex and Hannah on Saturday. Then after a few days I’ll be moving on to Innocent’s and continueing my mosquito net project and to having a great time at Brain Trust Nursery & Primary School! I’ve got a few surprised for them too!

I’ll be in touch again once I get out to Uganda as to how you can help me…..please! Thanks to all of you who have already done so. I feel very lucky having so much support! X      

Good news week!

It’s good news week! Yesterday my doctor gave me the go-ahead to go to Uganda, and today Brussels Airlines have confirmed they are allowing me extra luggage! So I’m smiling from ear to ear!

Now I can go to a very special wedding and then carry on with the projects I started last year. Also because of the extra luggage allowance it will be great to be able to give gifts such as clothes, shoes, pens and pencils I have been given, to the children who will be receiving the mosquito nets you have donated. I’m happy 😃 

An enormous THANK YOU  to my wonderful family and friends who have helped me through the last month and of course to Brussels Airlines. I leave very early next Thursday! Please keep in touch. X