Alex and Hannah’s wedding day!

As many of you know my family and friends have been sponsoring Alex and his family through their education since I first met the family in 2008. Alex is the eldest of my ‘Ugandan family’ and I was thrilled to hear he was to be married to Hannah and of course I just had to be there! I wouldn’t normally go to Uganda in our summer months but I could not miss this very special occasion of our first ‘sponsor child’ getting wed!

The wedding was a real mix of two cultures Alex’s family from the little village of Kasozi and that on Hannah’s side from San Diego, California. People asked me what the wedding was going to be like and my answer was always the same that it was going to be Alex and Hannah’s wedding, and it was! It was the coming together of two cultures, many wonderful characters and personalities, lots of laughter and bucketfuls of love. This was Alex and Hannah’s wedding held at a beautiful location, on a very hot day with refreshing breezes off the River Nile.

Photo slideshow – just click on first photo. Videos not the best but please hang in there and I think you will find them interesting!

Mum Monica walks her son Alex down the ‘isle’!

Hannah the bride is walked down the isle by her Uncle Mike who is carrying her beautiful daughter Selah

They take their wedding vows

As Alex places the ring on Hannah’s finger the village ladies cream their traditional wail on celebration

The Bride and Groom wash each others hands

Mr and Mrs Kasenke – Alex you can now kiss the Bride

Alex and Hannah have their first dance to the loud traditional wailing of the village ladies


There and back and now reporting in!!

Dear Friends

I am so sorry you have not heard from me since I left for my month in Uganda. It became impossible to get onto my website from where i was living in Nawanyago. Many of you chose to join the WhatsApp group I created as I was able to connect to that easily with the internet that was available to me. To those of you who were unable to be with me during another wonderful visit I am going to try and put my story on here – one day at at time!

Will be back very soon!

Love Gerry

Uganda here I come!

It’s that time of year again! My cases are packed and overflowing with donations for young and old in Uganda! Thank you Brussels Airlines! I enjoyed my ‘last supper’ at Ciao with five special friends last night and today went on our regular short walk up into Lyme Park and back to the canal. The skylarks were very active and the fields of wild flowers were beautiful, attracting numerous butterflies and bees.
I had fancied keeping going up to Bow Stones but lunch at the Boars Head beckoned and of course a pint, 🍺 though it never tastes as good as the Nile Beer I hope to have on Friday if my trusted friend Alex remembers!
I’ll be up and out by 3am (two alarms set!) on the start of my journey to Uganda looking forward to the wedding celebration beside the Nike, of Alex and Hannah on Saturday. Then after a few days I’ll be moving on to Innocent’s and continueing my mosquito net project and to having a great time at Brain Trust Nursery & Primary School! I’ve got a few surprised for them too!

I’ll be in touch again once I get out to Uganda as to how you can help me…..please! Thanks to all of you who have already done so. I feel very lucky having so much support! X      

Good news week!

It’s good news week! Yesterday my doctor gave me the go-ahead to go to Uganda, and today Brussels Airlines have confirmed they are allowing me extra luggage! So I’m smiling from ear to ear!

Now I can go to a very special wedding and then carry on with the projects I started last year. Also because of the extra luggage allowance it will be great to be able to give gifts such as clothes, shoes, pens and pencils I have been given, to the children who will be receiving the mosquito nets you have donated. I’m happy 😃 

An enormous THANK YOU  to my wonderful family and friends who have helped me through the last month and of course to Brussels Airlines. I leave very early next Thursday! Please keep in touch. X

I’m off to Uganda again in June! My projects-more mosquito nets, books and educational charts for Brian Trust PS

Dear Friends

Thanks for all your interest and support since I returned from Uganda in October last year. You were AMAZING when I requested help to build the new latrines for Brain Trust Nursery and Primary School, the hand wash facilities and to put a roof over the school hall that doubles as a community church.I was very lucky and grateful that TrustGreenbelt part of the wonderful Greenbelt Festival gave a donation for much of this building work. (Previous blogs will give you more details)

Also when I told you the tragic story of Moses you didn’t hesitate to come to his rescue and finance the move from his lonely existence living in a tumbledown home to his family who didn’t know about his situation but will now look after him, and the building of his tiny but safe new home. There has been a delay in roof his home because the heavy rains had weakened the walls so they had to be repaired once the dry season returned. My friend Godfrey hopes the roofing will resume next week. Then once he gets the opportunity, as he lives a days travel away from Moses, he will take photos and send them to me. I look forward to seeing them and can’t wait to visit Moses myself when I am in Uganda! (If you haven’t already done so please go back to the previous blogs I wrote about Moses. A sad story with a happy ending)

I am now preparing for my next visit to Uganda in mid-June and hope you will support me once again. I am continuing my mosquito net project as the need for this life saving gift is so great. I would also like to provide Brain Trust school with their very first books both for the teachers and for the pupils. I have already been in touch with Aristock in Kampala who will provide me with appropriate books. I would also like to purchase some colourful wall charts. They cover most of the subjects on the Ugandan curriculum. The charts are made from waterproof, hard-wearing grain sacks. Have a look at the samples in the photos. They are so amazing! The charts make teaching and learning much more fun! Mango Tree in Kampala, at ( ), is an organisation that make the charts to order so please if you can make a donation for either the books or the charts that would be wonderful.

£5 will buy a mosquito net

£5 will buy several books

£5 will buy at least two charts

Whether you choose to donate for a mosquito net, books or charts you will receive a personalised thank you photo if you wish to have one. So please if you can spare a donation I would be very grateful and so will the recipients of your gifts! Please get in touch and I can advise you how to donate.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, once again. Love to you all!