Please help bring more JOY to our friends in Uganda!

Dear Friends

As I mentioned at the end of my last newsletter our next challenge is to build and equip a clinic at St James as there are no medical facilities nearby.

As you see by the attached photos the clinic building has been started, literally brick by brick when villagers donate a few bricks, sand or cement from their own building work or with materials left over from the building work at St James. I have also attached James’ estimate for the next stage of the building and hope that we can raise the funds for the materials needed.

Please read the attached newsletter and if possible help me to bring more JOY to those at St James and in the village of Nakakabala Uganda by making a donation. Together we really are improving the lives of many people!

Also, if you or your family or friends are connected to a medical facility maybe they would interested in our challenge and would even like to adopt/twin with Joy Clinic?

Love from Gerry and all at St James x

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