Dear Family and Friends

I have managed to get both Internet and a little stored power on this special morning to wish you the happiest of Christmas days. Norman, Nicola and Sara I love you all so much, miss you but Im having a wonderful time BUT its RAINING!

I tried to send a Christmas text to my family at 1am but then discovered I had no credit on my phone – you’ll get it eventually when I buy more airtime in Kamuli!

I’m up early to travel into Kamuli Town to celebrate the day at James’ favourite church where we are expected to participate! Then back for a brief celebration at Mirembe (Peace) Bar with Innocent followed by a quiet Christmas dinner with James, Fatuma, Livee, Grace and two of his friends. I have already thanked and apologised to the chicken that is enjoying his last meal!

This afternoon is the football match postponed from Tuesday – The local team called Poynton against a team from Jinja – we won 3-1 in the last match so I am ready with my banner and chants to cheer them on later – IF IT STOPS RAINING!!

This will be my second Christmas, my first was on Tuesday 23rd, Pork Day, in Uganda except for the Muslin population. ALL James’ family came to St James for a special meal of pork, chapatti, mandazzi, bananas, and pineapple. Livee helped decorate the oldest mango tree and place gifts I had brought from the UK for the children and James, in and around the tree.

After the family left James and I walked into further into Nakakabala to greet many friends and had a wonderful welcome.

My battery is just about to run out so once again thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your love and interest in this amazing, wonderful, loving place that is St James and all the community who benefit.


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