On my way home… gradually

Dear Friends and Family

Yesterday I said a sad goodbye to James and Innocent and all those I have come to love over the last few years. There were many hugs, shaking heads and tears but I know I will be back with them in 13 months time God willing as my friends here say. I have had a wonderful holiday, and I call it a holiday as it has been so different to my usual visits where I spend most of my time teaching at St James. This visit I have been shown parts of Uganda I have never been to, met many new people and spent special times and for longer with my friends.

When I was packing for Uganda I put in several books to read and my husband put lots of music on two Ipods all because we feared I would be bored. I have not read one word or listened to any music as I have been so busy having fun, most of the time! There has been a lot I know you will be interested in hearing about but with lack of free time, power and network my news has built up but I will catch up I promise as I love sharing with you the wonderful place Uganda is and the wonderful people I meet. In fact both power and network are great here in Kampala so I might be making the most of them!

As I write this I am looking over the tops of Kampala city with all the usual city noises, strange to my ears after the silence of Nakakabala. I am staying with Florence and Judith again and also Florence’s very lively and amusing nephew Joshua, who had me dancing to Ugandan music in my night shirt last night! They are both asleep on a mattress beside the comfy bed I’ve been given though a while ago Flo sensed I was awake, got up and made me tea and then went back to sleep! I do get looked after!

I will be here until late Saturday when I fly back to the UK arriving 10 am Sunday. I hope you will order some sunny mild weather for my arrival!

Love to you all

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