Dear Friends

I still have quite a few newsletters to write up from my recent stay in Uganda but today I got some news that I can’t wait to tell you!

I called James as I had not spoken to him since being back. He was thrilled when he heard my voice as he was bursting to tell me something. Last week he got the results for St James’ pupils National Leaving Exams they took in November. EVERY eligible child from St James passed and the majority got 2nd Super Grade which is amazing!

There is only one grade above this and that is a 1st Grade. We have had a few first grades in the past but this to me is more rewarding, seeing most of the children achieving good results. Its not been an easy year at St James either as we have had lots of problems with staffing, children unable to pay their fees and adverse weather which prevented James harvesting enough food.

James says every child will be able to go up to secondary school too which is wonderful too. AND I have just remembered that 2004 was the first year that our children sat their exams at St James as it was awarded NUEB status (National Uganda Exam Board).

I feel so happy for James as he works so hard and really cares for every child.

He also tells me that he has all the staff he needs for this year and that the children have started to arrive and school doesn’t officially open until the 2nd Feb!

Now I must get down to more fund raising to help him in the only way you and I can do and that is by continue to build the school classrooms, dormitories, clinic, etc. etc. Still lots to do but I feel that you are with me on this journey and will not let me or our friends in Uganda down.

Thanks for all you have done so far and PLEASE keep up your friendship and support for St James.

Love Gerry x

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