St Paul’s Catholic Primary School Poynton comes to the rescue of St James!

Dear Friends of St James
It was my first visit to the St Paul’s Summer Fair last Saturday and I looked forward to it very much as it was also my first opportunity of meeting the parents and other friends of the school who support my work in Uganda. I also went with the hope in my heart that I would make some money to go towards solving a problem that had arisen recently at St James.

The day was so enjoyable and a fantastic success considering it is a very small school. The letter below is the one I sent to St Paul’s and explains how they ‘came to the rescue’!

The attached photo shows a banner made by the children in Uganda in 2005. The colours of their hands have faded but the message is still very relevant – Make Poverty History – Together we are endeavouring to do this in Nakakabala by providing an education for the children. I truly believe that education IS the route out of poverty and I have had the privilege to see this happening! So, a big THANK YOU to you all for your part in this and please keep up the good work of supporting St James! x

Also attached are photos of my Uganda stall and some of my customers! I still have lots available so if you are interested please get in touch with me then you can either come round to my house for a closer look or I can send you more detailed photos of the items. In fact I have had my first ‘online’ sale this week – thank you Emma!

JAMBO & ASANTE SANA to Mrs Armstong-Boyle and all the children, staff and parents at St Paul’s for making me so welcome at your Summer Fair. I enjoyed meeting you all as did my husband and friends Anne and Sophie. Your generosity raised just over £300 for St James Junior School and this contribution has come at an advantageous and crucial time for the school.

During recent flash floods the water swept through the Nursery and Year 1 classrooms and caused quite a lot of damage. So to prevent this happening again we need to divert the water as it comes down the hill and install culverts to enable access from the lane that runs alongside St James. The cost of this has been assessed at 1,150,000 Ugandan Shillings (£290) so with the cost of the money transfer to James, St Paul’s will enable this work to be carried out. I really cannot thank you all enough!
I look forward to coming in to see you all next term to bring you up-to-date with all that has been going on at St James and to tell you about my next visit to Uganda in December!

Love and hugs from

Gerry, Mr James and all the children you are helping in Uganda

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