St James Christmas Cards info

Dear Friends of St James
I am always looking for different ways to raise money to continue my work to support the children at St James in Uganda and one is to make and sell Christmas cards. During one of my stays in Uganda I took some photos of the children who live at St James wearing Santa hats. They had no idea about Santa but had lots of fun trying them on and found original ways to make some interesting photos! The results are wonderful and it is these photos that I have used to make the cards. I hope they make you smile as they do me.

Other photos are connected to my project at St James based on Uganda’s wild animals as the children and even some of the teachers did not know what their own animals looked like! They might have written the word elephant or lion but without pictures or books they could never have imagined what they are like. We concluded the four week project by putting on a fun drama telling the story of how the elephant got its long trunk, taken from Rudyard Kipling’s ‘Elephant Child’. Performed in front of the parents at St James! It was such a happy occasion and the children loved wearing the wild animal masks to make some amazing photos for the Christmas cards too!
Thank you to those of you who helped me with the captions. If you wish to have alternative words put on the cards or having them personalised is possible too! Just let me know!
The cards come in mixed packs (A or B) of 10 for 4.00 (you can make your own selection if you wish). They are also sold individually at 50p each. I donate an amazing 43p from every 50p to St James! A much bigger contribution than is made towards good causes when you buy other charity cards! I am able to do this because I am very lucky to get all the card donated, and my husband and I make up the cards between us!
You can view and select your cards from the photos on the following emails. You may have difficulty deciding which to buy as they are all lovely happy photos!
To order the cards please email me with your selection or you can contact me on 01625 850188 or 0771 304 0917. You can even view the cards at my home in Poynton if you wish! Maybe some of your friends and relatives would be interested in purchasing some too.
I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks for your interest and support.
Love from Gerry & the children at St James!

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