Wonderful news for Hambridge Hall all thanks to you!

The wonderful news I promised I would give you in a previous update is that solar power has now been installed into Hambridge Hall, the block of four classrooms that opens up into a hall. And I am sat just outside on the veranda of the hall writing this newsletter using the power from the solar! This solar will give light for evening studies for the older pupils, a must in Uganda, and also enable us to hire out the hall in the evenings. In addition to the lighting we have had an inverter fitted which means we can play music, use computers, recharge mobile phones and endless other things. It will definitely make the hall more attractive to people looking for venues for various meetings or celebrations.

Also if I use up too much of the power from the library solar panel, I can nip down here to the classrooms as I have done this morning, to communicate to you!!

Once again I can only emphasise my appreciation to all of you who have contributed in one way or another over this past year. YOU ARE MAKING A DIFFERENCE!

Sierra Exif JPEG

The almost complete hall now with solar power!


Sitting outside Hambridge Hall writing to you using solar power


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