A whirlwind has hit Nakakabala……….

..in the guise of Miss Geminy Maw, Amazing Gem!! The sun was setting before a car horn outside the big metal gates announced the arrival of our special visitor last evening but others knew she was here well before that. As we opened the gates we saw the car surrounded by smiling cheering children who must have followed Gem and Alex up the lane. I have often said that Gem’s smile is contagious and this certainly proved it as the community of children nearby St James had caught the Gem fever!

They had had a rough journey from Kampala going through an enormous storm. Gem said she had been really quite shocked at the severity if the storm and the loudness of the thunder claps. Welcome to tropical weather Gem! I had been concerned that they would not make it by nightfall but got a call from Alex to say that they were at Innocents place and he mentioned beer. How jealous was I as I could have really done with an ice cold Nile! I shouldn’t have doubted my two friends though as when I opened the car to give Gem a welcome hug guess what was rolling around her feet – bottles of Nile!!!

Gem’s gear was dumped in the school library then all she wanted to do was open the beer and relax so that is what we did. The three of us in the light of the moon sat and chatted, laughed and enjoyed our beer. Ruth had stayed on specially to make Gem a meal so Alex shared and I was content with the roasted g-nuts and fresh mango as I had eaten earlier during a very successful Schools Management Committee Meeting. James kept popping out of his room to say hi but as with me he cant quite understand why Mzungu like to sit with no electric lights!

So Gem’s gear is still where we dumped it and Gem has been fast asleep under her mosquito net the other side of the library since her head hit the pillow! I am already looking forward to our first walk into the village tomorrow, (actually later today as I am writing this at 3 am!) as I am sure that the word will have got round that there are now two Mzungu in Nakakabala! Its going to be fun having Gem here this week!


One thought on “A whirlwind has hit Nakakabala……….

  1. Susan Davies says:

    Hi Gerry
    It is good to read your newsletters and seeing the photos of the lovely children.
    Enjoy your time with Gem & a safe journey home.
    Hope to see you in the near future.
    Lot so Love from Sue & Beryl


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