Please pray for James

78 Mr James makes a good dad for all the children

Dear friends, i have heard today that my good friend James is very sick with a bad bout of Malaria and a chest infection. He has been taken to his daughter Irene’s home in Jinja. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers . 

6 thoughts on “Please pray for James

  1. E Hattersley says:


    Sorry to hear about James. It’s good to know his family are looking after him. I assume malaria is now considered unpleasant but not dangerous (with current medical treatment)?? Is his recovery going to be a slow journey?

    Look forward to meeting up with you sometime. I am now more mobile(with care).




    • Gerry says:

      Thanks Liz. Unfortunately Malaria is still very dangerous and life threatening especially in places like Uganda. They dont have the advantage of anti malarial medicine like visitors like myself use and can afford. Sometimes recovery can happen within a few days but other times complications set in so please keep him in your your prayers. I’m sure his family will do all they can for him.


  2. Sally Winstanley says:

    Dear James, you are an amazing man of God – By [Jesus’] stripes, you are healed! Claim God’s promise of Psalm 91. You are in my prayers. Love Sally


    • Gerry says:

      Thank you Sally. A few days ago I was going to give good news that James was improving as he had gone back to school but this morning his chest had deteriorated again and his family had to take him to hospital. Thanks for the tour prayers. X


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