No one should ever tell me I can’t do something. I love a challenge!

Innocent, who my family and friends helped through university, has been setting up a piggery business behind his home where I have been staying during most of this visit to Uganda. He given another four pigs from be and our friend Marie recently and now has eight. To save money Innocent buys up maize then has it milled seperating the posho with the bran. Then sells the posho that most people in Uganda eat every day of their lives, at a profit.

Every day he tends the pigs cleaning and feeding them without fail. I often watch him from my place in t he shade under the tree where I write my posts.

A few days ago he askedif I would like to clean out and feed the pigs and of course I said yes. His reply was to laugh and state that Mum Gerry couldn’t do that! Though I doubted myself that I could even climb over the high wall of the piggery I was determleined to give it a go. Each day after he had set the challenge he would ask if today was the day but I genuinly was too busy until the day I was being picked up by my ‘son’ Alex to go to visit his family in Kasozi village. Alex called to say he would be an hour late so I put my yesterdays clothes on and, to Inncents and his mum Judith’s amusement went out to the piggery all ready to do the job.

Climbing the home made ladder was the first challenge but it was when I had to climb over the wooden wall into the piggery that the difficulties started but I did it. Innocent handed me the broom and instructed me on how to brush the pigs faceas towards the back of the pen so it would drop out through the gaps. He was keeping a close eye on me commenting when I missed a bit! Judith and by now quite a few others were splitting their sides laughing at the spectacle of Mzungu in the pigsty! I’ll put quite a few photos on to show the fun I had…honest!




2 thoughts on “No one should ever tell me I can’t do something. I love a challenge!

  1. Kath Alcock says:

    Well Gerry, I thought I’d done a few things here at the allotment that were precarious but nothing equals climbing into a pig pen! I admire your style and tenacity. A Nile beer should have been the least of your rewards!
    Keep up the good work in all senses.


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