Room for two…or more!!

Room for two…or more!!

Those of you who see me regularly will have noticed I have put on a lot of weight this year. Its a regular problem as I have ‘issues’ with food. I always feel so uncomfortable coming to Uganda overweight for two reasons. Firstly, overweight is a sign of wealth to many people and I am not wealthy even by UK standards! Secondly and one I feel most guilty about is because so many people here do not get enough to eat from day to day.

However, it is a problem I have had since I was young and I have to live with it though it does embarrass me greatly. On the lighter side, a good friend of mine Patrick I have known since I first came to Uganda, must have thought ahead as two or three years ago he gave me a gift and this year it fits! See photos! I give you permission to laugh out loud, Judith, Innocent and I did!

(You will notice that I am putting regular posts on now that I am back in Jinja. I wrote them previously but the internet was not very good)

Sierra Exif JPEG

See what I mean? Very comfy though!


Please note the Nile Beer bottle was not yet empty!


After some time when she had eventually stopped laughing Judith said I looked like an angel!

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