Poynton’s very own Paralympic Gold medalist supports my work in Uganda!

I have been invited to take part in the St Paul’s Christmas Fair this Saturday in Poynton Civic Hall, Poynton, 10am to 2pm. I’m very excited to tell you that Sophie Thornhill, Paralympic Gold and Bronze Medalist  in Rio will be supporting me on my stall raising money for my work with children in Uganda. She will be bringing her medals and is happy for you to come and say hi to her. Sophie is also planning on joining me on a furture visit to Uganda which is very exciting.

Please scroll down as below and in the following blog, are slideshows of some of the items that will be available on my Uganda stall in exchange for a donation, I have suggested an amount but whatever is realsonable and you can afford. All profit goes to the children in Uganda. If there is anything you really wish to have you can  reserve any before Saturday or you cannot make it, please let me know as numbrs of limited.

I hope to see you Saturday! Come and do your Chrsitmas shopping!

Thank you St Paul’s, thank you Sophie!


One thought on “Poynton’s very own Paralympic Gold medalist supports my work in Uganda!

  1. Hazel Sabin says:

    That’s great, Gerry, hope it goes well I won’t be able to come as I’m down in London with granddaughter Luna for a few days but let me know if have any small bags or Purses left after Hazel Sent from my iPad



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