Wow, what wonderful support!

Dear friends

Since I sent out the last blog I have had a wonderful response to my request for funds for mosquito nets. A massive 96 nets have been sponsored by you! That means that many people can now be protected from the dreaded Malarian Mosquito saving them from terrible sickness and even death.

I have placed an order for 200 hundred good quality treated nets which I will pick up as soon as I get to Uganda so if you haven’t already done so please consider donating for this simple but significantly important gift. I will be flying to Uganda early on Friday morning but you can still order a net or two as I will be in touch on here or on facebook and my husband will be home to receive any cash donations. You can donate in cash, cheque made payable to Gerry’s Uganda Projects or by bank transfer. Please ask your friends and family if they would like to send this amazing gift to Uganda and remember I will take a photo of your net being delivered to its grateful recipient.

As well as many individuals the Hollies Pre-School here in Poynton have sponsored nets to help protect young children like those at the pre-school. Children under five are at the greatest risk from the dreadful disease. I’m also taking  a collage of Friendship Hands which I made with the Hollies children and adults when they celebrated the opening of their amazing new playground. I will be presenting it to one of the new schools I am visiting.  Our local MP David Rutley who’s hand can be seen in the top left hand corner of the tree, also joined in the fun!

Thank you once again. The next time I blog I will be in sunny Uganda! x


2 thoughts on “Wow, what wonderful support!

    • Gerry says:

      Thanks Sheila, I think many people are quite taken aback when I tell them the difference a net can make. Thanks for all your support over the years. Say hi to all the ladies next time you meet. X


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