3 – Wednesday 20th September – Arrived at Innocents and a new experience!!

Though I enjoy visiting my family in Jinja town I always look forward to getting away from the hustle and bustle and to what I call the real Uganda. I shall miss little Selah but no doubt will see her and her mum and dad over the next couple of weeks as we have several outings lined up.

I had been spoilt living with Alex and Hannah and on our way out of Jinja I told Alex I would like to treat myself to some basic wooden shelving as it is killing my back having to get down to floor level all the time, and I wanted to treat myself to a fan as Innocent now has electricity in his home. Alex knew exactly where to go of course and first call was to some young men in Jinja town making furniture in a side alley! It wasn’t too long before Alex was loading two of the units onto the roof of the vehicle helped by several others.

They were secured by several lengths of black ties made from old tyres! I think I made the makers of the shelves very happy by purchasing not only one but two of their creations! Then it was round the corner to one of his old school buddies for the fan which, as I write is keeping me nice and cool!

We dropped Paul off at his boarding school but poor lad wasn’t allowed to register for the term because he had forgotten to bring three brooms which is one of the requirements! So off he went to buy some locally as we continued on towards my next Ugandan home!

As soon as we got to the outskirts of Jinja I felt myself relax and enjoy the ride to Innocents home travelling through countryside of plantations and swamp lands broken by several trading centres where people were going about their lives doing little businesses while looking after their families. I noticed several groups of children heading back from school after their first day of term many dressed in colourful uniforms – bright pink with green collars or purple with orange trim. Soon I would be arriving in my new home and visiting a local school myself. Exciting times!

Innocents’ girlfriend Sara was there to welcome me as Innocent had to go and do some business down at his little bar Wallets Pub, he runs but he was soon back, the vehicle unloaded and my room set up for my stay which includes my quite comfy en suite!

Innocent and I walked down to his bar before the sun went down and intended to be back but the weather caught us out, another big storm with very heavy rain! It didn’t let up so we carefully made our way home, on the motorbike which had been stored at the bar, me hunkering down behind Innocent to keep dry! Was it worth it…..Yes, the Nile Beer was cool and delicious!!

23 When it rains it rains!

It’s the rainy season!

PS I’ve been offline while trying to figure my newly bought Wifi modem out and now can’t quite believe I have Wifi in Uganda! Mind you the signal is not great so I have to send my news when the connection is strong enough!

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