5 – Friday 22nd September – Brain Trust Nursery and Primary School

Innocent had arranged for me to meet Charles, the Director of Brain Trust Nursery and Primary School, who is a good friend of his. Charles told me a little about his school and I could tell by the way he spoke he really cared about it. I signed the customary visitors book and then it was time to see who I had come to see, the children!

I knew immediately that it was a happy, well run school as soon as we entered the first classrooms. The children stood and greeted me enthusiastically but politely and listened to Charles as he introduced me. What impressed me was that Charles knew every one of their names and each child seemed thrilled as I repeated, or tried to repeat their names. It was a few of the Muslim names I couldn’t get my tongue round!

I visited each class in turn except for P7, at 14 years old they were busy sitting an exam paper preparing for the Uganda National Certificate in November, the most important certificate to obtain.

I promised that I would return next week to do activities with each class and I can’t wait!

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