11 Water water everywhere as long as someone collects it! Videos at foot of page!

In the heat and the dust I needed to bathe at least once a day but it meant that someone had to fetch the water from the village borehole! I tell you what, you really appreciate every drop when you witness the hard work it takes to provide the water.

Though it was early morning this was hard work! I needed my bathing sessions so had to be willing to put the effort in. Though if the truth be known I only went with Innocent to collect water the once! I helped push the bike to the borehole, filled five out of the six jerrycans but there my help ended!

Nico had a deal with Innocent that if he borrowed Innocent’s bike he should fill one of the empty jerricans. I was very grateful and Nico was happy to use the bike!

My bathroom. No running water so my dear friends provided me with water whenever I needed to bathe. Buckets, jug, roap ‘sponge’ and a baby bath to stand in, what more does a woman need! PS the blue stool with a hole in it is my loo. I have biodegradable bags that fit in the hole then it and its contents get deposited down the latrine outside – just saying!





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