A mosquito net is not just for Christmas!

More ideas for Christmas gifts to raise money for mosquito nets!

Dear friends, since my last post more mosquito nets have been funded by friends who have donated for cfraft items from Uganda or sponsored for nets outright, like John who came up to me in Poynton this morning and just gave me £20! I happen to be on my way to the Vernon Bulding Society with other donatons so his gift was immediately added to the account. Amazing! John would like a photo of the family his nets are delivered to, on behalf of his children Alex and Katie.

We are now up to 89  nets and several more are promised by lovely people reserving some of the crafts I have been advertising online. Only one basket left now! I do believe we will easily reach 100 nets before Christmas!! Wow, what a lot of people are going to be protected from the misery of Malaria. Thank you so so much!

Please have a look at the crafts below and see if there is something you would like to ‘buy’ in exchange for a mosquito net! Still more to come, just busy taking photos! Click on the photos for more information. Remember that the marked ‘prices’ are only suggested donations, just pay give what you wish!

Banana Fibre mobile depicting people at work in Uganda £6

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