One hundred mosquito nets and counting!!!!

As promised in the next posts I will continue to catch up with my news that I was unable to post on here when I was in Uganda. As you know since being back I have been concentrating on trying to ‘sell’ the items I brought back, in exchange for mosquito nets and it has been quite successfull but there is still plenty left so please look back if you fancy some Christmas shopping!

VERY GOOD NEWS! I have also had many more outright donations for mosquito nets and have decided to send the money for 100 nets out to my good and trustworthy friend Godfrey Mwase to deliver on my behalf so that families can be protected against Malaria as soon as possible, rather than wait until I return to Uganda in June or July. THANK YOU SO SO MUCH! I will of course be fund raising for more nets between now and then too! SO those of you who have donated nets since my return from Uganda must feel happy that you are giving someone a LIFE SAVING CHRISTMAS PRESENT! WONDERFUL! I will keep you updated when I hear from Godfrey. As you see from the photo Godfrey has already bought the nets!

For those of you who have just joined the website please have a browes back beyond where I started advertising the Uganda crafts so that you get an idea of the start of my recent visit, posts 1-13, then over the next few weeks will bring you right up to date.

Be back soon with Post 14 of my wonderful visit to Uganda.



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