16 A big surprise for me at Brain Trust Primary School! (Another catch up post!)

Innocents just got back with stock for his bar (and one or maybe two Nile Beer for me!!) My laptop etc is still charging as power has been off again outside the area trading centre. Men are bringing maize for grinding in the mill next door so its a bit dusty, chickens are pecking at the ground around me and the odd goat or two is passing on its way to find best grazing. No owners, they look after themselves!

Yesterday I had decided that as it was my last day in Nawanyago I would spend the day with Innocent, pack my bags and not go into school. However I wanted to deliver some tennis balls given to me by Higher Poynton Tennis Club and told Charles the director I would come before 10 am. Unfortunately Innocent was unwell first thing and by the time I had helped him clean out the pigs (yes me! Photos later) and we had spent an hour or more at the bar charging all my equipment as the power was still off, it was near midday. Innocent had informed Charles of our delay so I didn’t think it was a problem but when we turned up, me just dressed in scruffy shorts and sleeveless top, we realised they had organised a farewell event for me! Everyone had sat waiting from when I was originally due to when I turned up! Even the Nursery who should have gone home!

I was entertained with songs, poetry and dance. Charles and the head girl made speeches and I was presented with a wonderful certificate honouring my work at the school. I’ll scan it when I get home to show you. Many individual children had brought oranges, lemons and avocado as gifts and each knelt as they presented them to me! Lastly the teachers had clubbed together and bought a live ‘cock’ for me to take home to my husband! It was getting on for 2pm before we made our way home. I was so glad Innocent had his motorbike as it was so so hot! Click on first photo for slideshow. Video footage in next blog

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