New desks arrive at Brain Trust Nursery & Primary School, Nawanyago, Uganda

Lower Park Primary School here in Poynton have been supporting my projects in Uganda for many years and they will be thrilled to see their fund raising buying some much needed desks for this lovely school in Uganda.

Great excitement at the end of the day when a lorry load of desks arrive at Brain Trust Primary School Nawanyago, a gift from Lower Park Primary School in Poynton along with a strong cupboard for the books I will be delivering soon! All these were made by a local carpenter of good hard wood. Innocent had said he would arrange a lorry for the delivery and I thought he meant over the next few days but no, here things happen quickly when you least expect them too or when a paid job is on offer! Innocent just told me I should go down to school and await delivery and who am I to argue! It cost me 30,000 Ugandan Shillings to deliver ten desks and one big book cupboard. That’s £6!. I didn’t intend to go into school today but I’m glad I was there to witness the excitement of children and staff alike! Just wait until I take down the teaching charts and the books you have helped me buy!

Innocent who I stay with is the young man in red with the red rucksack. Charles the head of the school is in white. The elderly man who comes to thank me teaches reading and writing to the younger children. He told me last year that he is retired but not tired!



2 thoughts on “New desks arrive at Brain Trust Nursery & Primary School, Nawanyago, Uganda

    • Gerry says:

      Yes, they could do with a lot more Sheila but the teachers and pupils just make the most of what they have and are grateful. No winging at this school! Am already planning my next trip! Ha ha!


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