I’ll soon be on my way!

I’ve checked in for my flight, had my first Malerone tablet to help protect me from Malaria, locked my cases to stop me ‘fiddling’, (taking items out and putting others in and worrying about the weight!), watered the indoor plants, had my last cycle ride down to the Vernon Building Society to note the donations that have come in, (bringing my hope for 1000 mosquito nets sponsored ever closer), and now I’m writing my last blog before I pack up my laptop and settle down to try and relax for the rest of the day! What I didn’t mention is that I just had to pop into Greggs and buy a yummy treat to have after our lunch – well no cakes or ‘naughties’ for me for a few weeks! I also bought a treat for the friends I will be staying with, a bit of a tradition. I’ll tell you what they were later!

I will be up very early in the morning at the start of another visit to Uganda, the place I now call my second home. It’s almost seventeen years since I first set foot in Uganda with the words from my husband ringing in my ears, ‘You’ve got to go, to get it out of your system’. Well his idea didn’t quite work as I fell in love with the country and its people and have been making my annual visits there ever since! At least I have cut down the length of stay from seven to four weeks!

I’m getting rather worried as my friends in Uganda have told me they are having extremely hot weather. I always find it ‘hot’ and have my ‘coping strategies’ but this time I’m not sure even those will work! I have looked at the ‘AccuWeather’ long range forecast and tomorrow and for over the weekend when I will be staying in Kampala and the average is 36C and described as ‘warm’ but once I move inland to Nawanyago it goes even higher to 41C on Tuesday! Then during my whole stay it says it will fluctuate between 34-36C! I think I’m going to melt!! On the other hand, another company has forecast rain in Kampala which brings the temperature down. I think I might choose that one!!

Thank you sooooooooooooo much to all of you who have been contacting me offering me donations of mosquito nets or desks, educational charts and books for Brain Trust Nursery and Primary School, near where I will be staying for the majority of my time. If you haven’t already paid in your donation don’t panic as my husband Norman will see that it is forwarded to me in Uganda by MoneyGram. You are all amazing to keep on supporting me year in year out. I couldn’t do what I do without your support. Together we have given so much help to people in Uganda and I can’t imagine stopping for a year or two yet!!

I will be reporting back as much as the internet, and the heat allows and I hope you will enjoy being ‘with me’ during my stay in Uganda. I do love to share! X

Some of the lucky ones who have received a mosquito net because of you!

Still many children without nets!

I’m so looking forward to delivering more of your gifts. Thank you!

6 thoughts on “I’ll soon be on my way!

  1. anneholder says:

    Hi Gerry glad you are all prepared and looking forward to your trip. You are amazing! I hope the journey goes well and that it’s not too hot for you. Looking forward to hearing all about it. Take care. We must get together for s catch up when you get back xxx


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