Ants for Supper

Last night the flying ants 🐜 came and this morning they were covering the car, (car news later!!), and all over the ground. I saw Betty collecting them up and just knew what was for supper!! 

They will be dried in the sun, the wings removed and  then fried until crispy! Can’t wait!!

Ants, still with wings, drying in the sun. I’m going to help with the next stages!!

Dear Friends, I’ve had some great messages on my Gerry’s Uganda Projects WhatsApp group and one friend called me brave! My reply was:

Brave or ……..? Ha ha, something happened to my brain when I climbed Kilimanjaro!’


Betty checking for the remaining wings before serving
The deed is done!
1, 2, 3!
They’re in!
Not sure 🤔 yet!
But could have done with a cold Nile Beer with them!
All that’s left is a carpet of wings!

You can see the ant video here:

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