Delivering the First Mosquito nets

I delivered the first mosquito nets today to two destitute families. Thank you Caroline for sponsoring nets to celebrate your husband Andy’s birthday tomorrow and Elisha for sponsoring a net and some books for Brain Trust Nursery and Primary School, I will be buying the books soon.

Can you spot the child at the back? He is mentally disabled and screamed and hid when he saw my white face. His mum had come round to Innocent’s home yesterday asking me for help with her son as he cannot walk well, speaks little and is incontinent amongst other things. I found it so very frustrating again knowing that if he was in the UK he and his family would get so much help but here in Uganda the little I can do is offer the family mosquito nets but that pleased her as it’s the only help or any sort she has had!

Thank you Caroline! Happy Birthday Andy!

Innocent suggested I hide and he would take photos. I got some strange looks from the locals. They must have wondered what a Mzungu was doing lurking behind a home!

Thank you Caroline! Happy Birthday Andy!

At least he has a loving mum and three lovely sisters

This mum had rushed inside to change when we appeared!
Thank you Elisha!

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