Here we go again!!

Here we go again!!!!  Paul and I did some very local deliveries on foot first thing this morning then went to prepare the pickup for this afternoon and guess what? It wouldn’t start, not a flicker!!! I said some words very quietly to myself then just laughed! What is it with me and Ugandan vehicles?!

He gathered three men, and must have been ten or more children of varying ages, to push me up to the top of the front compound and down several times to try and start it but with no luck. So up and out onto the road and, they got up so much speed it worked! Just hope it starts this afternoon!

But this vehicle is still an improvement on the last two, it’s safe! It doesn’t have seat belts, none of the dials work so I have no idea about speed or fuel, the doors only open when the windows are at a certain level,  you have to slam the doors to shut them (and not a gentle slam!), it won’t lock and……regularly it hadn’t started! But I am very grateful!


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