We did it!!!

Thank you all so much for your support. It’s been an exhausting day! Once or twice Paul said ‘Mum you’re tired we should go home’. But I really wanted to hit that 1000 before the sun set and we did! I’m so pleased some of you heard even just a little of the celebration! If you’re on WhatsApp let me know and I can share it.

Thank you to Peter Gate who made the 1000 happen by donating the 11 nets needed and to Jackie Gallagher a day later who offered the same. Jackie if the offer is still on please will you be the first of the next 1000?

Love and 🤗 to you all from a now clean and waiting for an ice cold Nile to arrive! Paul is on his bike on his way now to get it! X I will sleep very well tonight!

Lots of photos still to come by the way so don’t think you’ve been forgotten, well I hope you haven’t!! It just takes time, power (only solar here) and of course the internet!

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