The last sponsored nets were collected by head teacher Charles on Tuesday night. Now every child at Brain Trust will be protected from being bitten by the Malarian mosquito!



Another power cut provided me with my last supper in Nawanyago cooked, served and eaten by candlelight! Then yesterday morning I was up and out as dawn was breaking, something I had only seen previously through my mosquito net and the window bars! It was time to say goodbye to my wonderful family in Nawanyago who have been caring for me so well. I will miss them!



On our way through Jinja we called in on another family member Bosco at his work place. He showed us around the hospital and pointed out where he had been busy doing basic dentistry! Thanks to Doc Lisa-Marie and other colleagues he now has the correct tools! Nurse Bosco who enjoys dentistry and has already treated three patients using donated tools from dentists in Poynton!



Well that’s it folks, I’m at Banana Village about 30 minutes from Entebbe airport. I’ve made the most of having time to spare by visiting friends and pretending to be a tourist! Innocent has kept me company today which has been good, giving him a break. My flight is one minute to midnight. See you soon! X

Sun goes down at Banana Village

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