Almost back to normal!

Almost back to normal!

I’ve taken my final antimalarial tablet, eaten the last of the green oranges the children of Brain Trust PS gave me as a farewell gift (I helped eat the cock that I was supposed to bring back to ‘Father Norman’, the night before I left Nawanyago!) and shared out with family and friends many of the g-nuts given to me, though every time I pass the box in the kitchen I somehow navigate towards it for the last few!

The colours and gentle warmth of the UK Spring are still putting a smile on my face after the sight of limp water-starved crops suffering in the excruciating heat of the continued drought in Uganda. 

I’m not quite used to driving a ‘proper ‘ car yet, even today I found myself forgetting my seatbelt and had difficulty getting our car into gear after the heavy wrenching manoeuvres needed for the Land cruiser and pickup truck I drove in Uganda!

I’ve not quite finished sending out posts and photos from my wonderful (mostly!) four weeks in Uganda but already started my 2020 list for my next visit! 

The very good news is that Innocent is now in contact once again thanks to my lovely friend Marie and my wonderful hubby who clubbed together and bought him a phone, a replacement for the one that was stolen when he was viciously mugged a week before I returned home. Innocent has now recovered from that terrible experience and from the two seizures that followed and is busy looking after his farm and family, and eager to help with my projects whenever I ask. 

I hope you’ll continue your interest and support for the help we offer people in Uganda and look forward to hearing from you along the way. X Be back soon!

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