Thank goodness for Poynton Rotary!

Thank goodness for Poynton Rotary! Yesterday I received a message from Innocent in Uganda saying ‘We just had a very heavy storm, houses have lost their roofs.’ I asked how his home had fared and that I hoped the new roofs at Brain Trust PS had stood the strain of the storm too. He said ‘We are ok thanks, and the school but I bet had it not to be for your help, the two roofs would be flying to UK!’ The phrase ‘in the nick of time’ comes to mind!’ Thanks again Di Penny and members of Poynton Rotary for acting so swiftly to the emergency when much of the original school roof blew away in a previous storm soon after I arrived in Uganda in February. I’m now hoping that the weather calms down to a rainy season useful to crop growing rather than the devasting storms and drought of recent weeks where the crops and the people don’t stand a chance of survival! Enjoy the short videos!

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