Another doggy friend supporting Gerry’s Uganda Projects!

Thank you Roger for coming to stay in exchange for a donation towards my projects in Uganda, mosquito nets and improving facilities at Brain Trust Primary School. We enjoyed having you and look forward to seeing you again soon! See below about my pet sitting. x

I think he is a Keep Poynton Tidy supporter as he collects plastic bottles on our walks and thoroughly enjoys playing with them until they fall apart! And he loves is walks, and paddles, in the local countryside

About my Doggie sitting! Basically my hubby and I love dogs and walking. A neighbour with a pug asked us to look after Gonzo for the afternoon which we were happy to do as she is always helping us out one way or another. When she returned she paid me! I said I didn’t need payment but then she said it’s not for you it’s for Uganda! And that is how we got to look after dogs! We are not professionals and are not insured, we just look after dogs and other animals because we love them and it helps towards my projects in Uganda.  The owners donate  what they would have had to pay their usual kennel or cattery and everyone is happy including the animals who get personal attention! Do get in touch if you are interested. Thanks x


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