ASANTE SANA (Thank you very much!) MARTON PRIMARY SCHOOL, Macclesfield!

It’s been an amazing week, with donations for mosquito nets coming in steadily which is great news. And on Monday I presented an assembly to Marton School, Macclesfield thanking them for their previous hard work raising money for many mosquito nets for Uganda. I told them about my last trip earlier this year, showing them photos and video footage of their nets being delivered plus giving them examples of my life in Uganda for instance about the night the flying ants arrived, me helping to prepare them for cooking and yes, me eating some! And what a surprise at the end when I was presented with a cheque that will buy 140 nets, amazing! That’s a lot of people protected from mosquitoes, saving a lot of sickness and even deaths from malaria. So wonderful! Most of this money was raised by Ellie, Tilly and Maddie doing a sponsored triathlon and Oliver, Alice, Maddie and Isla a sponsored climb up Snowdon. What inspirational children! Also the school Ethos group, who do work in school to promote the Marton school vision and values, sold hands of friendship which I will be taking to Uganda. Marton is an amazing school with a big heart and I cannot thank them enough for their support. I look forward to returning in 2020 to report back to them how my upcoming trip to Uganda goes, not long now!

Marton school also donated coloured pencils to Brain Trust Nursery and Primary School in Nawanyago, Uganda. Lessons are now more colourful! Below we were learning about each others countries which included drawing our flags. Having colour made all the difference. So thank you once again Marton Primary School!

Yes, ASANTE SANA MARTON PRIMARY SCHOOL for your continued support for those in need in Uganda.

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