Jambo! Is your group after someone to come and give talks? Next year I will celebrate 20 years of my ‘adventures in Africa’. Climbing Kilimanjaro as
a challenge for my 50th birthday in 2001 followed by what will be 20 years of annual month-long visits to Uganda working with and for local communities, and with lots of help, trying to make the lives of very needy people just a little better. My current project is to supply life saving mosquito nets, and life changing fempads (reusable sanitary pads) to those who cannot afford them. These projects are supported by donations from friends and relatives, and many lovely people in and around Poynton and beyond. Please get in touch if you would like me to give a talk about my ‘adventures in Africa’ to your group. Thank you.

I’ll be back soon with some good news about Good Luck Junior School, very good news!

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