Feeling happy, but with tears in my eyes!!

I had just posted the last update to you when I received a WhatsApp voice message from Nurse Bosco living and working in Jinja. It was almost as if it was in response to my post, but it was just a coincidence. What it did do though is bring tears to my eyes, tears of pride and happiness! If anyone wonders what the reason is for my involvement in and love of Uganda, then this says it all. I hope the message shares ok. X

Sometimes it can be a bit difficult to understand Bosco but basically he was telling me how many of his patients who need their treatment for IVF and other problems are unable to get into the clinic now because the government have banned all public transport during the pandemic including the use of the boda boda motorbike taxis. So Bosco has used some of the money I sent him to buy food for his own family to repair bicycles so he and his colleagues could deliver this service personally! How unselfish is that? X

He goes on to say ‘I know they (his patients) appreciate us but a lot of that appreciation goes to you because you are the initiator and the beginning of everything we are here. We are what we are because if you. You gave us encouragement ever since we were young. You encouraged us to persist and you are seeing the fruits and we appreciate so much. Thank you from the family. I pray to God that we pass through this situation and we meet again. I love you so much. Say hi to everyone at home.’

My heart bursts with pride for these young people in Uganda. OK with help from my family and wonderful sponsors, you know who you are (!), we have given them the finance to get an education but each of them has had to decide personally how to make the most of this gift and which paths to take along the way. They are the ones who have to put in the hard work which for all, has never been easy. They are the ones who have a final say in the decisions they make.

But wow, it’s still a great feeling that we have been able to give each and every one of them the opportunity to have that choice!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, which is feeling very squishy squashy at the moment!!

Helping to educate a child is never wasted. Education IS the route out of poverty!

Sorry the message didn’t share but if you’re on WhatsApp let me know and I can share it with you  x

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