Dear Friends

It’s been a while since I updated you about Uganda and even longer since I mentioned any of my projects! Uganda thankfully, is back to normal after the General Elections which saw as predicted, the sitting government cheat their way to another five years! Unfortunately as well as the violence leading to many deaths there was also an increase in the number of Covid cases during that time but fortunately none of the people I know caught it.

The good news is that the schools are gradually going back after a year out so I’ve been busy getting the fees etc sorted for Emma one of the boys we support in school. Alex’s school remains closed at present but we hope he will return to his secondary school soon. In the meantime he continues to help on the farm and at a car workshop. I’ve spoken to both boys recently and noticed they have lost much of their English language over the year but I’m sure once they’re back with their teachers and classmates they will get it back as English is the language spoken in Ugandan schools and all books and exams are written in English. The school terms are being extended with the hope that they will catch up some of the lost learning. Even Paul, the young man who helped me deliver hundreds of mosquito nets last year, tells me they are doing an extra long semester at uni too with more regular exams, to try to make up for what has been a ‘dead’ year for them. He was unable to download the online course work while he was back living in his village but is now studying hard. I’m sure all of them will be very happy to be back.

Nico the young deaf man is just entering his second year of his carpentry apprenticeship and has fortunately not had to take any time off during Covid. He is still really enjoying the work. I’m always grateful to those of you who are helping us to pay all the fees and expenses for these young people. My husband Norman and I could not do it without your assistance. A few photos to follow then news about my projects and a special appeal! Thank you. 😊

Emma in his classroom with his mum and big brother Bosco during the school visitation day recently

Emma is the youngest of mums seven sons!

Emma with big brother Paul
Paul last January helping to deliver mosquito nets that many of you sponsored
Paul spent some of his time off from uni at the hospital where Bosco works which gave him lots of valuable experience

Paul giving a vaccination to a young baby!

Nico outside the workshop
Nico with John the carpenter in the centre and Dickson, the teacher for the deaf, he is lodging with.
Measuring up
Rubbing down
Alex, still waiting to go back to secondary school.

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